Sunday, January 3, 2010

learning car

yesterday is the 1st day i learn car~
oh my god~
so scary~
learn to move the gear~
stupid me~
coz...( hehe, cannot tell u)...
then go around in the study skul~
ok la~
not bad~
then the most scary parts came~
go to the road~
oh my god~
damn scary~
but i did it~
cant say is perfectly~
but no bad~
then 2nd run~
oh my god~ so many car~
wat should i do~
become more n more gan jiong~
but i stil did it at the end~ hehe~

then 2day~
learn car again~
go to the road again~
worst than yesterday~
i think i did 4 round~
but i think not so gud~
always forgot the signal~
oh my god~
dissapointed to myself~
then i go through the road for parking~
not bad la~
juz 1 time almost 'kiss' the tiang~
n the dog in there so notty wan lo~
always kacau me~

maybe 2moro wil learn again~
but i more hope tat 2moro start work~
faster call me la~~~~
i wan work~~~~

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