Wednesday, September 15, 2010

long time no see lo~~

long time din write tis blog ad
becoz i forgot tis blog email address n password ad
now i found bac
having a new life now at UTAR PJ campus
many of my fren at KAMPAR campus
some at KTAR
KTAR is my choice be4 i choice UTAR
now i'm having another blog
tat blog special 4 secret
nobody else will see tis blog
but i gave my bf see tis blog be4
in tat blog
at the moment
almost all bout him
but i felt dissapointed
when i ask him
"finish reading?"
"nope, too many words... lazy to read..."
tats all frm my heart
he still ask me
"all those article u get frm ur fren wan a?"
oh my god
damn hurt
all write by myself
but he said is frm others
wanna to cry
since i 2gether wit him
i cried
many many times
but i also feel so happy wit him
i been cried to him
cried for him
smile to him
smile becoz of him
all my life surrounded
surrounded by him
life busy start when i start to skul
wake up in the morning
then breakfast n prepare for skul
after breakfast, go to skul n hav class
when i finish class, go home n hav a nap
after a small nap, cook dinner
after dinner, bath
after bath, i left 3 hours be4 i sleep
in tis 3 hours
i wait for his call
maybe did some revision
n pps-ing
maybe some chatting wit my roommate
all day full
busy busy~~~~